Your Guide To Preventative Anti Wrinkle Injections

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Your Guide To Preventative Anti Wrinkle Injections

Your Guide To Preventative Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti wrinkle injections are without a doubt one the most popular aesthetic treatments to date. In short, botulinum toxin is used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by paralysing the underlying muscles.

At L’Amour Clinic, we are seeing a growing trend of young women seeking anti-wrinkle treatments to prevent the development of deep lines and wrinkles. Such administration of this procedure is termed preventative botox.

As the antiquated view that anti-wrinkle injections are only suitable for ladies once they reach their thirties diminishes, a wider understanding of facial anatomy and ageing has started to recalibrate the way botox is viewed and utilised. Correspondingly, the trend for younger patients seeking anti-wrinkle injections for preventative purposes seems set to grow.

A more nuanced understanding of the potential preventive benefits of anti-wrinkle injections needs to be understood. Firstly, there are wider factors beyond age that makes a candidate suitable for anti-wrinkle injections. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, facial expressions and sun exposure will all intrinsically exacerbate the skin ageing process. Moreover, genetics also determine our ability to generate collagen, which gives us elasticity and resistance to wrinkles.

We believe the key to preventative botox is to inject moderately. As aesthetic professionals, we would not inject where we believe a wrinkle has not developed. However, we would always recommend targeting fine lines to ensure they do not become static lines (deep-set lines that remain after you have stopped frowning). It is when static lines have developed that anti-wrinkle injections becomes less effective. For this reason, preventative botox is recommended during the first signs of ageing to slow down the development of wrinkles and prevent the need for regular treatments.

As preventative anti-wrinkle injections becomes more common amongst women and men in their early twenties, it is important to understand its advantages and how it can have wider benefits in maintaining a more supple and youthful looking face.