Chin & Jawline Filler



Contrary to the exaggerated appearance that some may associate with jaw or chin enhancements, our esteemed practitioner, Aneesa, is highly regarded for her expertise in delivering natural and understated results. At L’Amour, we prioritise the utilisation of cutting-edge products, incorporating lidocaine to ensure a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort during the treatment process.

Our guiding philosophy at L’Amour revolves around achieving outcomes that are refined, graceful, and aligned with the individual’s unique features, rather than conforming to unrealistic beauty ideals. We have actively departed from the notions of “botched” or “overfilled” outcomes, aiming to reshape the narrative and present a sustainable perspective on facial, skin, and body image.

With a deep commitment to safeguarding the natural essence of our clients, our primary objective is to rejuvenate confidence and amplify your individuality, rather than transforming you into someone else upon leaving our esteemed clinic.


By precisely injecting filler into the mandible, jawline filler treatment effectively addresses concerns related to sagging skin and lack of definition in the area. The natural process of ageing often leads to volume loss in the lower face, making this a common issue. By strategically adding volume and enhancing the jawline, filler treatment helps restore proportion and create a more balanced and symmetrical appearance, providing a solid foundation for facial aesthetics.


Chin filler, a highly sought-after procedure at L’Amour Clinic, plays a significant role in enhancing our clients’ overall satisfaction. Also referred to as non-surgical chin augmentation, this treatment effectively defines the chin and jowl area. It is particularly beneficial for addressing concerns related to a receding or ‘weak’ chin, as well as elongating the lower face to achieve symmetry and proportion. If minor imperfections are impacting your self-confidence, our chin filler treatment can provide the desired definition. At L’Amour Clinic, we take a nuanced approach to chin and jawline enhancement, exemplified in our portfolio on Instagram.


Hyaluronic Acid, or ‘HA’, is a natural biological chemical common in the skin, connective and nerve tissue. Dermal fillers that contain HA are used in areas where it has been lost due to the effects of ageing for flawless results. Whether you are defying the signs of ageing, contouring, volumnising or adding definition, HA is an ideal product.

If you find yourself uncertain about which option to choose between Chin or Jawline filler, we encourage you to book an appointment with us. During your comprehensive consultation, our experienced professionals will thoroughly assess your needs and provide expert recommendations on whether chin filler, jawline filler, or a combination of both would be most suitable for achieving your desired results. 

The maximum ml for first time clients for chin filler treatment is 1ml. If you would like to build on these results, you can book in for a follow-up appointment and receive another 1ml.

In comparison, you can receive 2ml on your first visit for jawline fillers.

In order to see desirable changes in your jawline, we recommend a minimum of 2ml dermal fillers.

The actual treatment will last around 30 minutes, and results can be seen instantly.

With prescribed numbing cream, dermal fillers involve minimal pain, and you may return to daily activities immediately after treatment. Bruising is likely to last between 5-7 days. It is advisable not to schedule an important event straight after treatment.

Results typically last for 6-8 months.

The practitioner will assess each patient on an individual basis. Patients will need to be 18 or over to receive dermal lip fillers.

Injections can cause discomfort but this lasts seconds. Numbing cream can be applied beforehand and will ensure that you feel comfortable during treatment.



Dermal Jawline Filler Prices

2.0ml: £370

3.0ml: £500

4.0ml: £620

Dermal Chin Filler Prices

0.5ml: £175

1.0ml: £240

L’Amour Chin and Jawline Filler Packages

L’Amour Lift

3 Areas of Anti-ageing injections (Botox) and 1ml syringe of Filler

(Filler Areas of Choice: Lips, Cheeks, Chin)


L’Amour Profile Balancing

2ml syringe of Filler

(Filler Areas of Choice: Lips, Chin)


L’Amour Enhance

Jawline and Chin Fillers

3ml: £495

4ml: £615

5ml: £830

 L’Amour Personalised

(Filler Areas of Choice: Lips, Cheeks, Jawline, Chin)

4ml: 735

5ml: £855

6ml: £935

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