Questions You Would Love To Ask Our Founders

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Questions You Would Love To Ask Our Founders

Questions You Would Love To Ask Our Founders


1) What inspired you to start L’Amour Clinic?

Having had aesthetic treatments personally, we know what clients are looking for – the warm welcome that puts your nerves at bay, an informative consultation in which all your questions are answered, the use of quality products, the highest professionalism and customer service, cleanliness, an instructive aftercare process and a patient centric approach throughout. Having visited various clinics, we have found that these aspects were not delivered in a seamless and intuitive manner. We took such experiences as inspiration to create L’Amour Clinic and provide the experience that clients desire.

2) What makes you different from nearby clinics?

We aim to offer our clients excellent service and outstanding aesthetic results utilising cutting edge treatments at a fair and affordable price. Our one to one interaction with our clients aims to build a bespoke, personalised experience that we feel an individual would need to pay significantly more to experience elsewhere. We are confident our attention to detail and warm approach along with expertise in the aesthetic field will leave you excited for your next visit!

3) What is your most common treatment?

Oh, it has to be lip fillers and it is our favourite too! Although it takes a lot longer than Botox – lip fillers really shape and define an individual’s face. We get so many clients coming in with misconceptions that lip fillers will leave you with an over-done ‘trout pout’. The satisfaction when we see our clients content with fuller but natural looking lips is immense. We get a lot of pleasure in educating our clients and combating uninformed stereotypes.

4) What treatments will you be adding to the L’Amour portfolio?

It is important for us to ensure that we always provide the utmost service and care to all our clients. Whilst we would never want to trade quantity for quality, we have the intention of becoming a one-stop clinic for all non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about new treatments.

5) What is the long term vision?

Our aim is to have clinics all over London and the UK – offering affordable aesthetic treatments at a high standard at everyone’s convenience. Watch this space…